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Lab Grown Diamonds are just like test tube babies grown from a single seed of Diamond under the same heat and pressure like in the crust of mother earth. They are ecologically friendly as they do not scar the earth with mining. Since they avoid the stigma of blood-diamonds there has been a worldwide acceptance for this category. And, most importantly, they are more uniform, yet cheaper than earth-mined diamonds.



The Large Range of Quality Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds


Our collection of lab grown diamonds are available up to IF in clarity, D in colour, Excellent in cut, and up to 10 carats in size. They come in a variety of shapes including round, emerald, cushion, oval, heart, princess, and radiant. Colours include white, yellow, blue, pink, and green. 

Lab Grown Diamond in America


Grown diamonds cost up-to 50% less than their natural diamond equivalents. Buyers beware: keep an eye out for lab-grown diamonds sold for a few hundred dollars per carat. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Only diamond simulants fall in this price range. They are lighter on your pocket also, hence being more accessible for each of you.  We’re especially for lighter moods like birthdays, brunches and business meets.


Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturers in USA

Lab created diamonds, also known as lab-grown diamonds and synthetic diamonds, are pure carbon diamonds grown in highly-controlled laboratory conditions that simulate the Earth’s natural growing process, above ground. The results yield real diamonds that are physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds.

Man-made diamonds are created by placing a ‘seed’ into a chamber of heat and pressure. This chamber mimics the natural growing process. Crystallization occurs allowing the diamond to mature within six to ten weeks. It is then cut, polished and graded by the same world-renowned labs that certify earth-mined diamonds.

While people have experimented with diamond growing technology for more than a century, it has only been in the last decade that we’ve been able to perfect the science of creating gem-quality man made diamonds in a modern-day lab.

Our collection of man-made diamonds are available up to IF in clarity, D in color, Excellent in cut, and up to 10 carats in size. They come in a variety of shapes including round, emerald, cushion, oval, heart, princess, and radiant. Colors include white, yellow, blue, pink, and green.

Princess Diamonds
Lab Grown Diamond

Round = Classic

Often referred to as brilliant or as RBC (round brilliant cut) because it is the most common brilliant-cut diamond, round diamonds are far and away the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings, accounting for more than 75 percent of all diamonds sold. Created by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919,round diamonds have 58 facets, which cause light to bounce from the bottom of the diamond back through the top, giving it unbelievable sparkle.The shape is extremely versatile and timeless, looking clean and modern in simple settings, yet equally as nice in more elaborate styles.In a nutshell, a well-set round diamond will give you the most sparkle for your buck.

Famous Round lovers

Ashton Kutcher gave Mila Kunis a very traditional (and understated, as far as celebs go) round, prong-set diamond solitaire

Olivia Wilde's fiance, Jason Sudeikis, proposed with a round diamond set in an emerald halo on a yellow gold band.

Sam Esmail popped the question to Emmy Rossum with a fittingly classic ring—a round stone flanked by tapered diamond baguettes.

Marquise = Dramatic

Like most things interesting, the majestic marquise is swathed in dramatic history. Legend has it that this cut was invented during the 18th-century reign of Louis XIV, allegedly named for his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour, and inspired by her smile. The uniquely tapered cut, essentially an oval with rounded sides and points at each end, is distinctive and dramatic, much like the women who choose to wear it. Modern-day versions often have a hexagon-shaped surface with facets on the top and bottom to reflect light. This clever cut can also look larger than it actually is, and due to its elongated shape, can make fingers look leaner and more slender. It's ideal for those looking to maximize carat weight, and for those who like a little opulence every now and again.

Famous Marquise Lovers

Catherine Zeta-Jones proudly wears Michael Douglas's symbol of love, a grand 10-carat marquise.

Ashlee Simpson sports one as well—though hers is accented with rubies.

Marquise Diamond
Oval Diamonds

Oval = Innovative

Similar to round diamonds, oval diamonds have a remarkable brilliance. Even and symmetrical, this shape is popular as a solitaire among those with smaller hands or shorter fingers, because the oval's elongated shape gives the illusion of length to the hand, resulting in slender-looking fingers. However, the oval is also often flanked by side stones, whether smaller diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or other gems, appealing to a wide range of tastes.

Famous Oval Lovers

Joe Manganiello gifted Sofia Vergara with a serious oval sparkler, surrounded by a diamond halo on a pave band.

Hockey player Brooks Laich worked with Lorraine Schwartz to design the 6-carat oval ring Julianne Hough now wears.

Pear = Unique

Mixing the best of the marquise and the oval, this haute hybrid resembles a twinkling teardrop, much like the one that might run down her cheek after your present it to her. And we're pretty sure those will be tears of joy. Popular for pendants and earrings, the pear shape is also a unique and excellent choice for engagement rings, and can be "fatter" or more elongated, depending on your preference. Due to its unbalanced shape, it's not usually set with elaborate accent stones.

Famous Marquise Lovers

The former Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl Josh Kelley went for a pear-shaped diamond with a halo—and it even incorporates a stone from her mother's engagement ring.

Ashlee Simpson sports one as well—though hers is accented with rubies.

Pear Shaped Diamond
Radiant Diamonds

Radiant = Diva

Hard to find and not commonly used for engagement rings due to its scarcity, the radiant marries the elegant glamour of the emerald shape with the brilliance of the round, resulting in a rare sparkly square with trimmed corners. Its extra special sparkle is the result of the way its underside is cut, with 70 facets to be exact, to maximize the effect of its color refraction.

Famous Marquise Lovers

When Bennifer was in full bloom, Jennifer Lopez showed off a 6-carat radiant pink diamond from beau Ben Affleck.

Drew Barrymore possesses a radiant ring from husband Will Kopelman and suits her just as well.

Heart = Sentimental

Those who prefer to wear their hearts on their fingers will fall for the ultimate symbol of romance and sentimentality, the heart-shaped diamond. Often more of a novelty and not commonly used for engagement rings, a special and select few do choose to make this the symbol of their love. Like pear-shaped diamonds, heart-shaped rocks can be "fatter" or more elongated, and it's the skill and precision of the diamond cutter that defines the sparkle and beauty of this shape. Since it can be difficult to execute, thoroughly examine this diamond for hidden flaws before you choose to make it your heart.

Famous Heart Lovers

Lady Gaga said "yes" to her love, Taylor Kinney, when he pulled out a stunning 15-carat heart-shaped diamond ring.

Joan Collins sports one in a 19th-century setting on her fourth finger from her latest hubs, Percy Gibson.

Heart Shaped Diamonds